Monday, June 06, 2005

A Day of Infamy to Revote or Revolt is the Question

The election contest is in recess until Monday morning at 9 am. No matter how the Judge rules there will be a riff. On one hand, the Dem's will go nuts and continue with there jusification of mistakes. It's funny how the Dem's come across like socialpaths, justifing their bad behavior by pointing out that others did the same thing. Wouldn't want to own up to responsibility, now would they?

Then on the other hand, the 60% of the State's voters who think that Rossi won the election will revolt if the Dem's are favored. Every Dem will become blog fadder in the next couple of elections. Their credibility is worthless thanks in part to the 2005 legislature and the Seattle elite.

Judge Bridges may not be the most popular Judge after tomorrow's ruling, by one side or the other, or maybe both. However, I don't think he will leave much to chance or be challenged in the Supreme Court.

AT the end of the day, we will see who is staring down at their shoes and scuffing the ground. Win, lose or draw, let's be sports about it and kick ass in November.
by the Roy Boy